To establish a natural product screening platform based on endurance exercise patterns

  • Publication Date: 2022-02-25
Application Dept. Graduate Institute of Biotechnology
Principal Investigator Asst. Prof. Yu-Tang Tung ( Personal Webpage )
Project Title To establish a natural product screening platform based on endurance exercise patterns
Co-Principal Investigator 1. Distinguished Prof. Chin-Lin Wu, G. I. of Sport & Health Management 2. Distinguished Prof. Chi-Chien Lin, Institute of Biomedical Science
Abstract The development, modernization and scientificization of Chinese herbal medicine is very important issues in basic research, economy and society. In the past, the quality of Chinese herbal medicine was often mixed, the ingredients were unclear, and there was no screening platform to test its bioactivity and the function of clinical trials. Thus, it was difficult for countries such as Europe and the United States to accept it. Therefore, in the research and development of Chinese herbal medicine or health food, we must effectively improve the quality of Chinese herbal medicine and control its composition through metabolite profiling. In addition, a modern medical method is used to establish an experimental screening platform to evaluate clinical efficacy. Many legal Chinese herbal remedies can improve the regulation of the immune system and endurance exercise performance before and after exercise. Therefore, Chinese herbal medicine has gradually received attention in the field of sports, and has been widely used in the field of sports science. Therefore, the study expects to analyze and select extracts with higher active ingredients, and then exam experiments on animals and humans, and apply them to strenuous endurance sports. We hope to use the research results as coaches and athletes in planning of nutritional supplementation programs to make training more effective and healthier for athletes.