• 刊登日期: 2022-02-25
申請系所(單位) 國際農企業學士學位學程
計畫主持人 謝奇明 教授 ( 個人網頁 )
計畫名稱(中文) GABA創新茶品進入國際市場與行銷策略研究
計畫名稱(英文) Assessing International Expansion and Marketing Strategy of Innovative GABA Tea
共同主持人 1. 陳建德 助理教授 / 農藝系 2. 蔡必焜 教授 / 生物產業管理研究所
協同主持人 1. 吳思偉 應經博士生 2. 李固遠 助理教授 / 臺中科技大學智慧產業學院
中文摘要 臺灣茶葉產值年約76億元,若加上相關副產品等之總產值可達1500億元。然目前仍面臨困難與瓶頸,包含製茶廠機器設備不足、手工或半手工成本高且產量不穩,受氣候與環境變遷的影響等。臺灣茶產業未來的機會,是可透過創新加值之茶品開發、智慧化操作(掌握氣候與環境)、農業安全友善、協助茶農升級轉型,以建構臺茶產業年輕化、高產值、高海外競爭力,且能承接鉅量的海外訂單。本研究於瞭解相關市場情形與文獻後,思考未來藉由製茶技術提升GABA茶之質量與多元化可能性,以拓展GABA茶國際市場。本研究將採取新產品採納模型為研究架構,調查在臺消費者(含國人與居臺印度與印尼人)對於創新GABA茶品的接受程度與願付價格,進一步分析創新GABA茶品之市場區隔、定位等,以為未來進入兩地區國際市場與行銷策略之擬定。
英文摘要 The annual output value of tea industry in Taiwan is about 7.6 billion per year, and it could reach 150 billion if related by-products are added. However, there are still difficulties, including insufficient manufacturing equipment in tea factories, high cost of manual work with unstable output, and the impact of climate and environmental changes. The future opportunities for Taiwan′s tea industry are to develop innovative and value-added tea products, intelligent operation, agricultural safety and friendliness, and upgrade and transformation, so as to establish a productive, and competitive tea industry supported with young tea farmers in order to undertake overseas orders. Based on the reviews of tea market situation and literature, this research considers the possibility of improving the quality and diversification of GABA tea through tea-making technology in the future, so as to expand the international market of GABA tea. This research will adopt the new product adoption model as the theoretical framework to investigate the acceptance and willingness to pay for innovative GABA tea products among consumers (including, Indians and Indonesians living in Taiwan); to analyze the market segmentation and positioning of innovative GABA tea products. These implementations are facilitating in entering the international market in the two regions, and forming the marketing strategies in the future.